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терапии с Forlle`d
FORLLE’D is a high-tech Japanese face and body cosmetic suitable for use in professional salons as well as at home. The brand offers an innovative approach to restoring skin structure and function at the cellular level, or in other words: it is a safe and non-invasive alternative to dermal fillers and injectables when it comes to skin rejuvenation and tightening.

The action of the Japanese cosmetic line FORLLE’D is based on a unique combination of low-molecular hyaluronic acid and ionized minerals – a complex that allows reaching the deep layers of the skin naturally and without injections. Thus, Japanese perfectionism, combined with the power of modern science, offer a qualitative new solution to fight natural aging and photoaging of the skin – easy, affordable, safe and super effective.


Active hydration and physiological biostimulation

Using the unique low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid patented in FORLLE’D products, the series activates the skin’s natural regeneration processes, stimulates the skin’s own collagen and elastin synthesis, reduces oxidative stress and provides high-end, permanent antioxidant protection.

Detoxification and protection from free radicals

FORLLE’D preparations, developed on the basis of ionized platinum, have an extremely high detoxifying effect. They successfully reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin by stimulating the active synthesis and proper organization of structural proteins in the composition of the skin.

Restoring mineral balance

FORLLE’D products contain a combination of important minerals that regulate and stimulate healing processes in the deep layers of the skin. The deep penetration of calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron stabilizes the intercellular space and delivers nutrients to the very interior of the cells, restoring their physiological functions.

Protection and restoration of the skin’s lipid layer

The patented low-molecular-weight type III ceramides used in FORLLE’D products have maximum compatibility with the natural components of human skin. Ceramides reduce moisture loss by restoring the skin’s natural protective lipid layer and improving its protective properties due to the proper water balance.

Thanks to their high bioavailability, the products of the Japanese brand FORLLE’D guarantee perfect care for every skin type – from dry and exhausted to highly sensitive and reactive.


терапии с японската козметика Forlle`d
Z Our therapist will design an individual plan for your skin and proper care at home.
Z You will be able to see for yourself how your skin changes.
Z Skin care at home consists of proper cleansing and supplying the skin with the necessary ingredients.
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Z After one treatment with FORLLE’D you will notice a quick and visible transformation of your skin.
Z After daily use for a week, you will enjoy a markedly improved skin appearance.
Z After daily use for one month, there will be a proven recovery of the skin condition and structure.
Z After daily use for two months, you will notice a markedly rejuvenating effect of Japanese FORLLE’D cosmetics.


Forlle’d rituals

3D lifting therapy for deep wrinkles
150 BGN
Platinum therapy-lifting for dry skin
150 BGN
Japanese skin cleansing and brightening
120 BGN
Non-invasive biofiller Forlle`d
120 BGN

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