Acne treatment


Acne treatment


лечение на акне
Clients of the aesthetic center “Derma” Burgas can benefit from a professional and highly effective procedure for the treatment of acne with specialized products of Mesoestetic.

“Mesoreel salicylic”, “Azelan mesopeel” and “Azelan” represent Mesoestetic therapies that combine two phases: intensive clinical treatment with cosmetics for professional use, followed by home treatment with complementary cosmetic preparations.

The treatment is planned and carried out according to the type, location and phase of the acne, with each patient receiving an individual solution according to their skin type and response to the treatment.

Treatment of pre-acne and initial phases of acne

Grade 0 (follicular and keratotic acne) and Grade 1 (presence of the first visible comedones and papules) are manifestations encountered by more than 70% of men and women in different phases of their lives. Mesoestetic’s Mesoreel salicylic therapy provides timely control of the condition, controls its evolution and prevents the appearance of more difficult-to-treat lesions.

In this phase, 3 to 5 sessions are recommended, performed at intervals of 10 to 15 days, at the discretion of the specialist.

Treatment of initial to moderate acne

The different skin conditions between Grade 1 (presence of first visible comedones and papules) and Grade 2 (presence of severe papules and first visible pustules) affect about 20% of the population, especially if the problem is not treated in time. Here the role of the specialized product “Azelan mesopeel” is to extinguish both the inflammation and its accompanying manifestations – pigmentations, pigmented lesions, keratosis, etc.

Here again, recommendations for effective therapy may include 3 to 5 treatments performed at intervals of 10 to 15 days, at the discretion of the specialist.

Treatment of severe and very severe acne

The last phases in the development of acne are Grade 3 (multiple pustules and first visible nodules) and Grade 4 (presence of severe nodules, spots and subcutaneous cysts) – they affect only 5% to 10% of the population. For the treatment of such manifestations, the “Azelan” therapy is used, created for intensive professional treatment of acne and its provoking factors and processes.

Therapy with “Azelan” also includes 3 to 5 treatments performed at intervals of 10 to 15 days, and the specialist may make recommendations for complementary medical tests in connection with the advanced phase of acne.

As part of all of the above therapies, patients are prescribed complementary products for home treatment, which are used on the skin according to a regimen tailored to the individual case.


Acne triggers are also capable of causing a host of different skin problems. In this line of thought, professional anti-acne therapy actually proves to be highly effective in intensive treatment of various skin diseases such as:

  •  Seborrheic dermatitis
  •  Pigmented lesions
  •  Actinic keratosis
  •  Rosacea

This is because professional anti-acne therapy regulates various pathological processes associated with persistent sebum production, 5-α reductase inhibition, bacterial proliferation, epidermal thickening, hyperpigmentation, etc.

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лечение на акне mesoestetic

The professional treatment of acne in “Derma” is carried out according to a protocol including three main phases – cleansing, intensive treatment and protection. In each phase, various clinically tested products are used to enhance the effectiveness and outcome of the procedure, keeping it completely painless and safe for the patient.

The results of professional treatment of acne with Mesoestetic products show a clear and significant reduction of inflammatory processes in all phases and degrees of inflammation. Meanwhile, a reduction in surface sebum and improvement of the skin is observed in 100% of cases.

Treatments are applicable both on the skin of the face and in different parts of the body – neck, décolleté, or back. As a result, the skin in the treated area is visibly soothed, deeply hydrated, with improved texture and a significantly smoothed appearance.

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Acne treatment

One procedure
90 BGN
In combination with cold plasma
150 BGN

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