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химичен пилинг - mesopeel

The chemical peel from Mesoaesthetic is a peel that exfoliates the surface layer of the skin and removes dead skin cells. This smooths the skin, makes it softer and erases fine scars. Pores shrink, oiliness is regulated and inflammation is reduced. The peel clears blemishes and imperfections on the skin.

The peeling is applied on mature skin and on youthful skin. Depending on the needs of the patient, the procedure can be whitening (depigmenting), lifting (anti-ageing) effect, for the treatment of acne and scars, for the eye contour.

The procedure goes through several stages. It starts with cleansing the skin, then a peel is applied, depending on the skin’s needs. There is a slight burning sensation (in more sensitive skins) which passes after a few minutes. The treatment ends with a soothing mask and a mandatory sunscreen. The procedure lasts 15-20 minutes, after which the skin is soothed.The procedure is extremely gentle and can be applied to young skin ( teenagers). There is a minimal recovery period. There is no need to disrupt your usual rhythm of life. The results for fast and very good.

The procedure has a minimal recovery period. Your skin will look younger and smoother after the first treatment.

The recommended course of treatment is 6 treatments, which are performed weekly. When treating acne, treatments can reach 10.

There is a visible effect already after the first procedure, but to consolidate the result it is necessary to complete the protocol.

BioRePeel chemical peeling is 35% trichloroacetic acid, which penetrates the skin layers and stimulates cell renewal.

TXA activates cell regeneration by creating new cells and strengthening the protective barrier.

The active ingredients lead to the shrinking of pores and the regulation of sebum secretion.

With the activation of fibroblasts, the production of new collagen is stimulated.

The procedure is performed every 7-10 days. 4-6 procedures are recommended.

A combined peeling and microneedling protocol is also performed with BioRePeel.


Depending on the skin need it can be:

  • bleaching (depigmenting pigment spots)
  • lifting (anti-ageing, rejuvenating)
    for the treatment of active acne
  • treatment of acne scars
  • for smoothing the fine lines of the eye contour
  • to tighten the pores



  •  The perfect method for rejuvenation
  •  Without side effects and complications
  •  Successfully combined with microneedling
  •  Stimulates collagen production
  • Quick results
  •  Suitable for all skin types
  •  Application in all skin phototypes
  •  Result after the first procedure


Chemical peeling

Mesoesthetic-depigmentation, anti-age
90 BGN
BioRePeel-depigmentation, anti-age
120 BGN
Eye contour
70 BGN

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