All facial procedures begin with cleansing the skin


HydraFacial machine

Hydrafacial is a modern device that is indispensable in achieving flawless facial skin. The device works with the help of vacuum and special serums, on the principle of the technology “Vortex” or translated as “Tornado effect”. The physical phenomenon is carried out by the method of swirling liquid and air. The device uses a vacuum that removes all impurities on the surface of the skin, which are sterile disposed of in a closed container.

This effect favours the ability of serums containing hyaluronic molecules, vitamins and antioxidants to reach the deeper layers of the skin, helping its overall regeneration. The HydraFacial technology is patented worldwide for achieving high results in the care of healthy and clear facial skin.

For whom is this
procedure suitable?

грижа за лицето с HydraFacial
A unique principle of action that focuses on specific problems and successfully prevents them. The procedure itself is performed using a pen to which various nozzles are attached. The method lies in creating a vacuum that draws a special liquid from the serum bottles. The liquid falls on the skin, swirled along the spiral grooves of the nozzle. Dirt is sucked out and, thanks to the abrasive edges, the horny dead cells are cleaned.

Three things are done with one movement: facial cleansing, dirt suction and deep hydration.

Hydrafacial is a treatment with long-lasting results on your skin. The action is beneficial for all skin types, without age restrictions. The effect is visible after the first treatment. The skin is deeply hydrated, radiant and rejuvenated, and this is accomplished completely painlessly within 30 minutes.

How often does the Hydrafacial
procedure need to be applied?

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You will get long-term results after undergoing 3 treatments, 2 weeks apart. Why the need for the initial frequency of therapies? Because the unique and powerful ingredients in the serums have penetrated to the dermal level, during the period between treatments they continue their function, namely to purify and regenerate the skin. As a result of multiple organic build-ups and impurities, after undergoing the first procedure, the skin will strengthen its function in removing the same impurities, seeking to bring them to the surface. The repeated procedure in a short period of time will finish what was started by the first one and the exfoliation will be in the longer term.

After the third procedure, the skin will be fully restored and will complete its epidermal cell regeneration procedure. Results can be seen after the first treatment, but after all three treatments are complete you will have clear, healthy, plump, soft, nourished and extremely fresh skin for a long time.

HydraFacial therapy
helps to:

Z Remove comedones and blackheads
Z Hydrates
Z Helps with acne and rosacea
Z Fine lines
Z Pigment spots
Z Bags under eyes
Z Sunburn
Z Detoxifies
Z Uneven complexion
Z Oily skin with enlarged pores, lack of density


Hydrafacial в детайли

1st step: Exfoliation for CLEANSING

Disposable spiral jets of different sizes are used for each stage of the HydraFacial treatment. They smooth and rejuvenate the epidermis, remove pigment spots and regenerate the skin. The vacuum with which the procedure is performed increases the tone, creates a lifting effect on the skin, improves microcirculation and provides lymphatic drainage.

2nd step: Chemical peeling for PROFOUND IMPACT

It continues with chemical peels, softening and enlarging the pores without damaging the skin. The HydraFacial (GlySal) chemical peel has three different intensity levels for mild, moderate, or intense effects. Depending on the needs of the skin, different peels are applied. The advantage over other chemical peels is the green HydroPeel jet, which gives greater precision when treating the skin. The jet has the ability to simultaneously apply the liquid to the skin and suck it out at the same time. The result is a spiral swirl of the peeling liquid that prevents it from lingering too long on the skin, so it remains protected from burning.

3rd step: Extraction to ADDRESS BLACKHEADS

This stage cleans the deepest dirt and regulates the sebum (the amount of oil that is released on the surface). The comedones are cleaned in depth with the Beta-HD serum. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. As it penetrates deep into the skin, impurities are dissolved, one part is spread and cleansed by the lymph, and another comes to the surface. With the VORTEX technology, we work through all stages of the procedure, so we have a quick result and pleasant sensations. This procedure also achieves unique results in the treatment of acneic skin.

The technology is a swirling, like a mini twister, of special serum and air using a vacuum. In this way, the dirt is sucked out and the pore remains clean and the serum penetrates deeply. The strength of the vacuum is controlled according to the sensitivity of the skin.

4th step: Regeneration for ANTI AGE EFFECT

Dermabuilder is a cocktail , rich in peptides that stimulates cells and they increase collagen production. Visible smoothing of fine lines is obtained. For this reason, the procedure is much preferred by elderly ladies for a maintenance monthly treatment for the face, neck and neck.

5th step: Hydration for SMOOTH AND LUMINOUS SKIN

Antiox-6 serum enters the skin with the next jet. Antioxidants and anti-ageing vitamins are added. Our well-known hyaluronic acid is added in large quantities. The combination of vitamin A and E and white tea extract instantly refreshes the epidermis. The growth of new cells is stimulated, the skin is elastic and radiant. Pigment spots and freckles are treated with camellia extract, which prevents their reappearance.Castor oil and wild chestnut extract strengthen the capillaries. The result is visible-glowing, clear and smooth skin!



Besides vision, colours are also perceived through the skin and have a therapeutic effect. The perception of certain colours through the skin affect the metabolism and function of internal organs. The most commonly used for treatment are blue and red.

The depth of penetration of the rays through the skin depends not only on the wavelength, but also on the skin type, humidity, pigmentation, blood supply and other factors.

It has an anti-inflammatory, soothing effect and reduces swelling. Recommended for oily T-zone and signs of acne, sensitive skin, rosacea and dermatitis. This light can be used not only on the face, but also in the regulation of sebaceous glands on the back.

This colour improves blood supply and accelerates cell regeneration. Red colour treatment is recommended for dry, highly pigmented and problematic skin with poor blood supply, as well as for dermatoses.


This method has a healing effect and is used to reduce swelling on the face, remove dark circles under the eyes, to slow skin ageing or for sinus problems. Through suction cups, with minimal pressure, certain areas of the body or face are treated to improve blood circulation, against cellulite or to tighten muscles.


Hydra Facial
Basic therapy

Price for 1 procedure
169 BGN
4 procedures package
620 BGN
6 procedures package
900 BGN
12 procedures pack
1680 BGN

* With our VIP package, you save 300 BGN

Hydra Facial
Whitening or Rejuvenating therapy from the Deluxe series

Price for 1 procedure
189 BGN
4 procedures package
696 BGN
6 procedure package
996 BGN
12 procedure pack
1860 BGN

* With our VIP package, you save 300 BGN

Hydra Facial
Platinum therapy

Price for 1 procedure
219 BGN
4 procedures package
804 BGN
6 procedures pack
1158 BGN
12 procedures package
2160 BGN

* With our VIP package, you save 300 BGN

Hydra Facial
neck and cleavage

Price for 1 procedure
110 BGN
4 procedures package
405 BGN
6 procedures package
580 BGN
12 procedures pack
1082 BGN

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