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Vela Shape III

The team of Aesthetic and Laser Center Derma Burgas presents you an innovative device with over 10 years of experience in the field of medical aesthetics. Over time, the device has undergone dozens of clinical trials and more than 5 million procedures have been administered worldwide.

VelaShape III is the world’s most famous non-invasive procedure for cellulite removal and skin tightening. The device uses patented Elos technology, combining bipolar radio frequency (RF) heating to a depth of 15 mm, infrared light (IR) that heats the tissue to 3 mm and a vacuum that provides precise energy delivery. The device works on the body, causing deep heating of fat cells, surrounding connective tissue and dermal collagen fibres. The effect is to increase blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, cell metabolism and stimulate collagen production. In addition, the activity of fibroblasts and the extracellular matrix is promoted, and remodelling is initiated to effectively reduce the size of fat cells and smooth the skin surface.

What is cellulite?

Какво представлява целулитът
Cellulite is one of the biggest concerns for our customers, especially after the birth of the child. We often hear how this causes them to feel uncomfortable and limited in what they can do and wear, especially during the summer months. If your skin has bumps and you want it to be smoother and tighter, talk to the experts at Derma Center about the industry’s most successful cellulite-fighting and FDA-approved device, VelaShape III.

Cellulite has been found to be resistant to diet. Even weak people struggle with this problem. When these fats are separated from connective tissue, a distinct indentation is created on the very surface of the skin.

The fat cells in the area with cellulite are divided into compartments by connective tissue. When the volume of fat cells increases, cellulite becomes more visible. The skin acquires a rough and uneven surface.

Problems with cellulite begin after puberty in about 80% of women. After pregnancy, this is exacerbated, especially if accompanied by weight gain. Sedentary lifestyle, stress and indigestion are other factors that aggravate the condition. Cellulite is unpleasant when it is small, and as the fat cells become more visible, it can be painful to treat with manual massage.

Five causes of cellulite

+ Causes of cellulite can include hormonal problems. Hormonal imbalance unfortunately has a big impact on the figure.
+ Heredity- genetically predisposed to its formation.
+ Lack of movement-if your daily life is spent standing or working on a computer. It’s certainly a good idea to include exercise to stimulate blood circulation.
+ Smoking is another factor that, albeit in small amounts, helps to increase cellulite. If you can’t, or don’t want to give up this habit, it’s a good idea to take supplements and vitamins to strengthen your body.
+ Poor eating habits and low water intake. It is imperative to adjust your diet and include more healthy foods in your menu.
The good news is that some of the causes of cellulite soil can be removed.

Types of cellulite

There are three types of cellulite, which are determined by the degree of skin involvement.
+ First degree cellulite is only visible when you squeeze the skin.
+ Second-degree cellulite is visible when you are straight, but disappears when you lie down.
+ Third-degree cellulite is visible when you are standing and lying down.
Most women have some form of cellulite. In men it also occurs, but much less frequently.

How to address the cellulite and with the help of what methods?

You can also help yourself by reducing excess body fat, improving your diet and adding cardio exercise. In some cases, the classic anti-cellulite massage also helps. Special treatment is required for second and third degree cellulitis.

Velashape III is an innovative device and a proven solution for dealing with cellulite, regardless of the degree. This FDA-approved device uses four types of technology to address the problem. The specialists of the Aesthetic and Laser Center Derma Burgas have achieved amazing results with the skin of their patients because the device has many advantages, such as:

+ Bi-polar radio frequency focused on the skin surface.
+ Vacuum technology that works only on the heated surface.
+ Rollers that make a deep mechanical massage.
+ Infrared technology that aids the effectiveness of bi-polar radio frequency.

Velashape III procedure

Velashape III

What you need to know before a Velashape III procedure

The skin must be de-haired in the area where we will treat. This will ensure a smooth movement of the applicator and a better result. Exfoliate the skin before treatment.

Come for a treatment with clean and dry skin without perfume, cream, lotion. You will be taken measurements of the area to be treated. We encourage you to take photos at home as well as with us- with your device. This is extremely Important so that you can track the results of treatment. Our therapists will explain all of this to you in the preliminary consultation.

Guidelines and tips after a Velashape III treatment

It is mandatory to take 2.5-3 litres of water per day after the procedure. Not any liquid-water! Juices and fizzy drinks should be non-existent on your menu (apart from juices and smoothies). It is good to have a balanced diet. If you include exercise you will help to clear the liquefied fats and your body will burn (consume) the released fatty acids as a source of energy. This will significantly improve the results. We can help you with Kiril Tanev’s tried and tested home exercises for women.

The sensation immediately after the procedure is an overall tightening and improvement in skin texture and structure. Clinical results show that, on average, a reduction of 1-3 cm is observed after 1 therapy. A recent study showed 97% customer satisfaction with the procedure.

Our therapists will also answer any other questions you have during your free consultation.

A new start for your skin! How?

Derma Aesthetic Centre specialists offer you a free first consultation covering all important aspects of Velashape III therapy. During the consultation we will identify the location, type and extent of cellulite and then recommend a treatment scheme to suit your individual needs.

As part of your complimentary first consultation, you will receive a sample Velashape III treatment plan as well as a price for a single or package cellulite removal service.


Cellulite removal

30 minutes

1 zone (1 session)
200 lv.

* We recommend the duration of the procedure for the following areas : abdomen, flabs, calves, knees, breeches, dorsal fins, arms.

60 minutes

1 zone (1 session)
300 lv.

* We recommend that the procedure for whole thigh area be a minimum of 60 minutes

90 minutes

1 session
450 lv.

* We recommend for a combination of abdomen and thighs or buttocks and thighs.

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